1. Cry To Heaven

From the recording A Brand New Situation

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I’ve been hurt, so deep.
By friends I thought I’d want to keep.
I was let down. I thought I could trust,
My open heart to the friends I’m given

I’ve been lost,
now I’m found
It may be a miracle, that I’m still around.
Wouldn’t you know,
I’d go and expose my open heart
To the life I’m living, to the life I’m living.

Cry, Cry, Cry to Heaven
Cry, Cry, Cry to Heaven

I’m scared to be alone.
I was your right hand, you were my left hand
We were the best plan that had happened.
I was surprised, to find you there.
Brought tears to my eyes, when there wasn’t a prayer

Strange waking dreams before my eyes unfold
I stepped outside myself and felt so cold.