From the recording A Brand New Situation

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On the avenue there is a small café,
Umbrellas from the heat, mojitos on the street.
And it’s so easy to find a place to stay,
And listen to them talk, watch the rhythm of their walk.

The girls on the boulevard know they got the stuff,
There ain’t too much junk, packed in that back trunk.
I can’t think of anyplace that would be so tough
To just walk away, and not spend the day.

Sweet potato pie in the summertime
Ain’t nothing so good and so divine.
Sweet potato pie in the summertime
If you ain’t had one, then surely it’s time
My sweet potato, sweet potato pie.

A tug on my shoulder and I managed to spin
There was a little black boy with a big wide grin
He said, “My mama’s been up since ‘bout 4 o’clock
To make a pie for you, pies for a lot.”

I know you’re gonna like it, everybody does
He put a pie on my plate, said we call it 1st rate
He said I’ve only got one question more
How many wives and childrens, mistresses galore need…
My mama’s sweet potato pie?