Radio Stranger: CD
  • Radio Stranger: CD

Radio Stranger: CD

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Whisper In The Night (4:10) Good Money After Bad (3:36) Madonna of Tears (5:03) Rockabye Moon (3:54) Night Over Water (3:55)

Released in April 2016, the debut EP, Radio Stranger, features five songs which combine elements of many genres, including Folk-Rock, Pop, Country and Adult Contemporary. This EP was recorded with a small band playing "live" in the studio, with no prior rehearsals. The band features some of the best of Portland's musicians; Jean-Pierre Garau (keyboards), Michael Henchman (bass), Jeff Koch (electric guitars), and Jeffrey Anthony (drums). The collection of hook-y and rhythmic tunes are held together by lush instrumental textures and the combined voices of Brightwell & Moran.

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