From the recording A Brand New Situation

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I’m so excited, I can hardly cope
But she’s so cool, she’s just giving me more rope.
A wise man would walk right out of here.
It’s too late, let’s just grab another beer.

She’s in your face and then she cools down.
She’s bubbling over then there’s nothing to say.
She’s so way gone, then she calms down.
It’s all business, then she’s ready to play.

I’m so happy when she smiles my way.
Gets a little kinky and she makes my day.
But keep your blindfolds and keep your Cherry Coke
It’s too late, my friends say I’m your little joke.

I’m so confused, I’m almost in tears.
But I’m so amazed, to see her running away from her fears.
Have you heard the news, she closed the door on me,
Lost upon the sea, of anger…

I’m really sure she’s been telling me lies
But I’m in a trance, I’m hypnotized.
I’ll just have to make it work somehow.
It’s too late, I’m in the amen corner now.

She’s ready to play.
It’s all business then she’s ready to play