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Radio Stranger in Art of the Protest Song 

Radio Stranger was excited to join Beth Wood, Anna Tivel, Aireene Espiritu and host Bill Valenti on August 26th for the first viral performance of Art of the Protest Song. In 2014, Bill Valenti launched the Art of the Protest Song series, a celebration of this unique musical genre, with shows combining both “classic” protest songs from social/political movements throughout history, and contemporary, original songs on the events and issues of today. Bill has produced live shows on this theme throughout the country, including a show at Grammy Museum Experience in the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. But now, as a result of Covid-19, we enter the virtual age of performance...

After The Storm - New Video 

"AFTER THE STORM" The year was 2017 and Donald Trump had just taken office when Woody Moran and song writing partner Kelly Brightwell sat down for a writing session. As usual, they started their session with a little chat about what was going on and their thoughts on various subjects. These preliminary chats almost always open a doorway for a new song and this occasion was no exception. 

The subject was Trump and what the world would be like in 2020 after four years of his "leadership". As terrible as we envisioned it, we never imagined the reality: Family separations, imprisonment, and the deaths of immigrant children; Dismantling the pandemic response team and muzzling the CDC; Massive tax cuts for the rich and large corporations to the detriment of middle and lower income families as well as small business; Disregard of climate change; Coverup and corruption leading to his impeachment; Attacks on the news media as well as social media; The lies... so many lies every day of his presidency.  

In America right now, we are weathering the perfect storm: political unrest meets social inequality meets climate change meets pandemic. This song is a call for us to wake up to the changes that are happening in real time, and act where we can to protect what we collectively hold dear -- before it's too late. "Did you really think you'd get out unharmed?" To watch the video, just click the image to the left (and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel).

New Songs. New Videos 

It's been much too long since Radio Stranger has been in the studio to record some new songs, but with the help of our good friend and bassist, Michael Henchman, we have released two new singles into the world. The first song is called "Barefoot Nightlife" which expresses a desire to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as... walking barefoot on the beach in the moonlight. For this "island" song, Woody plays ukulele, Jean-Pierre Garau plays Wurly piano, organ and accordion, Jeffrey Anthony gives it a strong reggae vibe on drums and Michael Henchman provides a fun melodic bass line. And yes, there is a video. Thank you for asking. Just click the image and it will take you to our video on Youtube. Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.



Our 2nd new single is "Top Of The World" and no, it doesn't sound anything like the old Carpenter's hit. In fact, if you are a fan of "The Lumineers", "Mumford & Sons", or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros" you'll recognize the bass drum groove right away. Lots of cool sonic textures with Woody on acoustic guitar, Jeffrey Koch on electric guitar, Jean-Pierre Garau once again on Wurly, organ and accordion, Mr. Henchman on bass, with Donald Sulzer in the drum chair this time. Kelly's vocal on the bridge is so powerful. There is also a fun choir-like breakdown that almost got out of control but Michael managed to rein it in before it blew up on us. "Top Of The World" is dedicated to Kelly's Mom and her journey walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrim trail in Spain several years ago. To watch the video, just click the image to the left (and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel).

Annabelle - Writing a Custom Song 

Bryan Emerson asked Kelly and Woody to write a love song for his wife Anne. So we set up a time to get together and talk about it. Although we knew that Bryan was a musician and played a mean guitar, we were a little surprised when he showed up with his Breedlove acoustic. Bryan told us that he had been experimenting with an open tuning and wanted to show it to us, just in case we were inspired. The tuning was D-A-E-F#-A-E, and Bryan showed us some progressions and chord shapes that he had worked out using this tuning. Bryan was obviously in love with his wife Anne, and said that she reminded him of a museum of fine art. So, art, picnics at a local winery with their kids and friends became the basis of the song. Kelly asked the best question when she inquired if he had a pet name for Anne, and he told us yes... it's Annabelle.

Learn more about Custom Songs from Brightwell & Moran.

"Radio Stranger Are The Real Deal." 

Radio Stranger recently performed at Two Blue Roses House Concert Series in Eugene, OR, hosted by V.P. of FAR-West, Jeanette Lundgren. We had such a great night; Harmonies super tight, awesome dynamics, fantastic audience that were not afraid to sing along. We we also joined by amazing Eugene songwriter Phoebe Blume. After the show, this is what Jeanette had to say about the Brightwell & Moran performance.

"Radio Stranger are the real deal.  This is fully revealed when they hit a live stage, captivating the audience right from the very first song.  Tight harmonies; meaningful memorable melodies, lyrics and songs; audience rapor; and an impressive stage presence. Their show at Two Blue Roses in Eugene Oregon was outstanding and I can't wait to be able to book them again.  Radio Stranger are a high quality, high energy performing duo." Jeanette Lundren, Host - Two Blue Roses House Concert

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Previous events

Woodfest 2021

Woody's Backyard, 3793 Rosepark Dr, West Linn, OR

CANCELLED Woodfest, Woodfest!! Kelly Brightwell moved back to PDX and Radio Stranger is putting the band back together; Jean-Pierre Garau on keyboards, Michael Henchman on bass, Jeffrey Koch on electric guitar, and Don Shultz on drums (Don has not performed with us before, but he did lay down the drums for our single, "Top of the World"). Although we'll have some snacks and water, feel free to bring your own style of yummy concert munchies and beverages, and lawn chairs. Go thru the gate to the right of the driveway to get to the backyard show area. Doors open at 3:30pm, show starts at 4:00pm. Suggested donation is $20.

Radio Stranger at Portland House Concert

Tiny Deck House Concerts, 109 NE 75th Ave, Portland, OR

As these are outside events, this is the final show of the season for Mary Bycroft's Tiny Deck Concerts. Reservations required via Facebook Event / Limited Seating. Doors at 6pm, show starts at 6:30pm. Radio Stranger is joined by our long-time friend and sideman, the phenomenal Jeffrey Koch on electric guitar. Suggested donation of $20.00.

Farewell For Now (Streaming Driveway Show)

Driveway, West Linn, OR

Streaming Live on: Woody and I are absolutely thrilled to be playing a free live-streamed driveway concert this coming Sunday, 9/13* from 5-7:30pm PST. We'll have the socially-distanced band on tap as well -- Jean-Pierre Garau on keys, Jeffrey Koch on electric guitar and Michael Henchman with back up vocals and bass. I'll be doing some of my Kelly Brightwell solo material as well as a bunch of old and new Radio Stranger tunes.
It'll be the last time I get to play with these amazing musicians before I leave town, so I hope you can join us. There will be 2 sets, so you can arrive early or late and still be totally on time for the show 😉 KB * Rain date is 9/20, just in case! TIP JAR (your donations are appreciated)

Radio Stranger's River City Folk Broadcast

Folk Music Notebook

Radio Stranger appear on Tom May's syndicated radio broadcast of River City Folk. The show includes performances in front of a live studio audience, interview, as well as recordings of their influences. Plus, the WORLD PREMIERE of their new recorded single "Barefoot Nightlife". The easiest way to enjoy the program is to tune in to www.folkmusicnotebook on Saturday, April 25th at 4pm PDT (7pm EDT) with an encore performance at 10pm PDT. We are also giving away a FREE Download of Barefoot Nightlife. Go to the Music category to claim your free copy of Radio Stranger's World Premiere song.

Radio Stranger Performs On "River City Folk" Radio

 —  —

Cafe Artichoke, 2007 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, Oregon

Brightwell & Moran, performing as Radio Stranger, will be featured on Tom Mays' syndicated radio program, "River City Folk". The radio show is recorded in front of a live audience at Cafe Artichoke and carried by more than 250 NPR affiliates nationwide. Come join the audience and be on the radio with us. Tickets only $5.00 each.

Brightwell, Henchman & Moran in Concert

Cafe Artichoke, 2007 SE Powell, Portland, OR

alone, together 4 Guitars, 3 Songwriters, 2 Sets, 1 Night To Remember. Brightwell, Henchman & Moran with special guest Jeffrey Koch Coming soon to a listening room near you!

Radio Stranger Performs at Art In The Pearl

Pearl District, between W Davis and NW Flanders at NW 8th Avenue, Portland

Art In The Pearl has been named one of the best arts and crafts shows in the country. Both Kelly & Woody have performed individually at Art In The Pearl, but this will be the 2nd Radio Stranger performance on the Singer/Songwriter Stage. Over one hundred artists showing and selling their work. Singer/Songwriter Stage presents a variety of original music An Education Pavillion featuring hands-on art activities for children and adults Delicious food to enjoy

Eric & Jodi's Famous Summer Wine Dinner

Private Location, West Linn

Radio Stranger auctioned off a performance at the last Woodfest, which was won by Eric & Jodi. Each summer, Eric & Jodi host a private dinner where they open the wine cellar for each course. Radio Stranger is really looking forward to this performance (and we have been invited to share the dinner).

True Stories... Naked Songs. Radio Stranger in Concert

Cafe Artichoke, 2007 SE Powell, Portland, OR

TRUE STORIES... NAKED SONGS Join Brightwell & Moran, performing in concert as Radio Stranger, for a great night of original music at Portland's premier listening room.

Radio Stranger at Eugene House Concert

Two Blue Roses House Concerts, Eugene, Oregon

Radio Stranger plays Two Blue Roses house concert series in Eugene, OR. This is a new concert series organized by Jeanette Lundgren of Mother Hen Promotions. Opening the show is local Eugene featured artist, Phoebe Blume. There is also a song circle after the show! Suggested donation $15-$20 each. RSVP to Jeanette at for address, directions and parking info.