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"Christmas Lights" by Radio Stranger 

Radio Stranger wrote a Christmas song because we were playing a holiday party and the hosts encouraged us to play our own songs that celebrate the holiday season. We sort of looked at each other... (silence)... Well, I guess we're going to write a Christmas song. But it can't be cheesy. It can't be too lovey-dovey. No wise men or Jesus in the manger. It can't be a crooner song (at which point we both break into our best Frank Sinatra voices). Well what can it be about? Christmas Lights! Everyone loves Christmas Lights! So with no further ado, here it is... ta da!! "Christmas Lights" recorded live at a Cafe Artichoke Holiday Benefit Concert. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. One World, One Love.

Radio Stranger Best Unsigned Band 2017 

Following the review of Brightwell & Moran's Radio Stranger Crosstalk EP by Music Connection magazine in November 2017, Music Connection has now selected them as one of the Best Unsigned Bands of 2017 in their 40th Anniversary, December 2017 issue. What an honor. Seriously, how cool is that?

This Radio Stranger Music Ain't For The Kids 

Thanks to Music Connection Magazine for their positive comments and encouragement on our new EP, Radio Stranger CROSSTALK. Music Connection's review of CROSSTALK appears in the November 2017 issue of the magazine. They absolutely loved Kelly Brightwell's vocals (well, who doesn't). We loved this line in the review,  "Radio Stranger will appeal to grown-ups, with meaningful music that touches the heart and soul." MC wrapped up the review saying, "All in all, these seasoned players are captured by pristine production that enables Radio Stranger to deliver humanist messages." Sweet.

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A Conversation Is Long Overdue 

It's very strange and a bit spooky to write a song and then to experience the song (or at least a version of the song) in real life. The inspiration for "Don't Judge Me" from the new Radio Stranger EP "Crosstalk" is from a real person who lives in Las Vegas that was questioning his own ethics and moral code. Re-examining the lyrics under the cold light of the recent Las Vegas mass shooting and the denial of our representatives to pass laws to help control guns feels like we were unintentionally prophetic. Check it out, lyrics and audio track at the link below. BTW, now IS the time to talk about gun control. This has got to stop. 

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Don't Judge Me

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