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Crowdfunding New Music - "Land of Plenty" 

Our 1st Crowdfunding Project - We Need Your Help!                      WATCH THE VIDEO

"Land of Plenty" is Brightwell & Moran's — aka Radio Stranger — newest offering. For this project, we enlisted the services of producer Dean Baskerville (Sheryl Crow, Pink Martini, and Everclear) to bring our sonic vision to life. The result is 5 finely crafted songs that capture the intensity of the last couple of years and the defining cultural moment we find ourselves in. 

"The songs, lyrics, your voices, and the production, I enjoyed it all. I couldn't help but think what a positive contribution you are making to the world with your songs. That may sound kind of corny, but it's admirable and inspirational. Thanks for sending them to me. It's a great way to start the day." GF - Los Angeles, CA 

In addition to searching for licensing opportunities in film and tv, we really want to get these songs out into the world! This will involve hiring a publicist to reach out to internet and terrestrial radio, streaming services and playlists, music blogs and reviewers. We’ll also need a marketing campaign to share the music with as wide an audience as possible as we release the album as singles: one song at a time. 

Up until now, we have been operating on a shoe-string budget, but it's time to take our music to the next level. We've put together some great perks for folks who want to help us fund this new project. See if there’s something that works for you. If you just want to send us a donation with no strings attached, there’s a button for that too! 

Thank you for your support! We can't do it without you                       WATCH THE VIDEO

1. Follow the link. 2. Watch the video. 3. Pick a Perk. 4. Feel Great About Helping Kelly & Woody get their music out.

Radio Stranger Wins 2022 Global Song Contest 

Radio Stranger (Brightwell & Moran) was just awarded 2022 Global Winner for Talent Is Timeless contest for our song "Bare Boards". Talent Is Timeless recognizes songwriters over the age of 50. The grand prize includes a recording session at Abbey Road Studios in London. Woo hoo!!! How cool is that? 

We had tremendous help in recording "Bare Boards" so congratulations also to: Rob Stroup - engineer & producer; Michael Henchman - bass; Jean-Pierre Garau - keyboards; Jeffrey Koch - electric guitar; Jeffrey Anthony - drums. 

(Just in case you'd like to hear a live version of "Bare Boards" click here).

Radio Stranger - SOLD OUT! 

SOLD OUT. It had been almost two years since we were on a stage due to the pandemic. We got a phone call from our friends with the band Night Folk who wondered if we would like to split a performance date with them at Cafe Artichoke in Portland, OR... inside, but masked and vaxxed. As it turned out, we were just finishing the recording of a new EP (more on that later) and we thought it might be a good thing to actually play these new songs for some folks. The night of the show, doors opened and a flood of people came into the venue. People that showed up 20 minutes early were left hunting for seats! Night Folk opened with some really fun songs, I remember one about male strippers at a Dairy Queen, but that's another story. We played our new songs at the top of the set and even received a standing ovation on the song Land of Plenty. So it appears that we may be naming our new EP "Land of Plenty". A big thank you to Gary (video) and Michael (audio) for making us look and sound so good. And of course, thank you to the boys in Night Folk for the invitation!

Radio Stranger in Art of the Protest Song 

Radio Stranger was excited to join Beth Wood, Anna Tivel, Aireene Espiritu and host Bill Valenti on August 26th for the first viral performance of Art of the Protest Song. In 2014, Bill Valenti launched the Art of the Protest Song series, a celebration of this unique musical genre, with shows combining both “classic” protest songs from social/political movements throughout history, and contemporary, original songs on the events and issues of today. Bill has produced live shows on this theme throughout the country, including a show at Grammy Museum Experience in the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. But now, as a result of Covid-19, we enter the virtual age of performance...

After The Storm - New Video 

"AFTER THE STORM" The year was 2017 and Donald Trump had just taken office when Woody Moran and song writing partner Kelly Brightwell sat down for a writing session. As usual, they started their session with a little chat about what was going on and their thoughts on various subjects. These preliminary chats almost always open a doorway for a new song and this occasion was no exception. 

The subject was Trump and what the world would be like in 2020 after four years of his "leadership". As terrible as we envisioned it, we never imagined the reality: Family separations, imprisonment, and the deaths of immigrant children; Dismantling the pandemic response team and muzzling the CDC; Massive tax cuts for the rich and large corporations to the detriment of middle and lower income families as well as small business; Disregard of climate change; Coverup and corruption leading to his impeachment; Attacks on the news media as well as social media; The lies... so many lies every day of his presidency.  

In America right now, we are weathering the perfect storm: political unrest meets social inequality meets climate change meets pandemic. This song is a call for us to wake up to the changes that are happening in real time, and act where we can to protect what we collectively hold dear -- before it's too late. "Did you really think you'd get out unharmed?" To watch the video, just click the image to the left (and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel).

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Radio Stranger takes Woodfest out of the rain. We've staged an outdoor show called Woodfest for many years in West Linn, and every year it rains. Every year! So we are bringing Woodfest to the Willamette Ale & Cider House for a house concert. A large room with high ceiling, a food cart outside, an ale & cider bar in the room, and great music, what could be better? Songwriter and great friend John Manns opens the show followed by Brightwell & Moran (aka Radio Stranger). Michael Henchman (bass) and Jeffrey Koch (elec guitar) join us. This will be a great show. Don't miss it. Tickets $20 Cash at the door.