Woody Moran Music on KC Cafe Radio

Well this is pretty cool. Got 3 Woody Moran songs and 6 Radio Stranger (Brightwell & Moran) songs up on KC Cafe Radio. You can go to the site and request one of the songs and it plays within the hour. Not much of a hardship to wait as the music is so good. http://kccaferadio.com/woody-moran and http://kccaferadio.com/brightwell-moran. So, please request some of our music and help us turn more folks on to our tunes!

You might also remember that songs from Sitting In Aztec Chairs (especially "Gringos In Paradise") are showing up on Trop Rock Radio all across the country. Who knew that Tropical Rock was even a genre other than in Key West, Florida?


Woody Joins Anne Weiss at Cafe Artichoke in July

A little advance notice that I will be bringing the acoustic groove to a show at Cafe Artichoke on Sunday July 15th with NW Blues Legend, Anne Weiss. This is the first time in almost one year that I have played a show without my Radio Stranger bandmate, Kelly Brightwell. I wasn't even sure that I'd remember my solo material (it took a couple of tries but it's all coming back).  I'll be playing some songs from Sitting In Aztec Chairs, some unrecorded songs, and maybe even a few covers. Hope you can make this show.

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