Recording Sitting In Aztec Chairs

This five song EP was recorded at 8 Ball Studio in Portland, Oregon with a small band playing "live" in the studio, just the same way they made recordings years ago (you know, back in the day), playing live because they simply didn't have enough tracks back then. You can feel the energy as the musicians play off of each other's performances. It's an all star lineup of local Portland, Oregon players including Jeff Anthony (Sheryl Crow) on drums, Jean-Pierre Garau on keyboards, Michael Henchman on bass, and Bob Dunham on electric guitars. We recorded all five songs in one long afternoon. The only over-dubs were JP's acoustic piano solo on Chasing Midnight and a real Hammond organ on Light It Up and producer Rob Stroub adding some extra percussion. Then Kelly Brightwell came into the studio and added her amazing backing vocals. It seems like everyone in Portland wants to get Kelly to sing on their recordings. Rob did a fantastic job engineering the performances, especially since there were so many "moving parts", and the mix stands up to repeated listenings, sounding close and intimate; like you are sitting in the middle of the band for the recording. I couldn't be happier with the final results. I hope you enjoy the songs.

Woody Moran, JP Garau, Bob Dunham, Jeffrey Anthony, Michael Henchman

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