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Woodfest 2016 

What a great Radio Stranger show. Because of the rain, it wasn't the ideal outdoor show that we had hoped for (it was sunny both the day before and the day after). But that just brought us all together under a covered overhead balcony. The Radio Stranger Band, Jean-Pierre Garau, Anders Bergstrom, Michael Henchman, and Jeffrey Koch (with special backing vocals by our host Charity James Hudnut) absolutely brought their A Game and totally rocked it. Martin John Gallagher and Joe Reed did a fantastic job with the sound install.

In addition to Radio Stranger, we heard some wonderful songs from Robin Greene-Jacobs, Ed Haynes, Michael Henchman Music, Paul Kwitek, John Manns, Jacob Moran, Chris Baron & Dors Ward of The Baron Ward and our host Peter Hudnut. A huge thank you to ElleK Photography for some very cool photos. Thank you to all of our friends and neighbors who braved the weather to come and party with us in the rain. One of the best shows ever!

Check out the Radio Stranger Facebook page for more photos.

You'll Love Your Woody Moran Pandora Internet Radio Station 

Woohoo! It has taken multiple attempts to get on Pandora Internet Radio, but with the submission of "Chasing Midnight" from the EP Sitting In Aztec Chairs, I now have a Woody Moran Station on Pandora. As you may know, Pandora's analysis of your songs determines what other songs show up on your station and where your else your songs may pop up.

So of course, I've spent the day listening to my Woody Moran Station and I love the company that I'm in. Here's what you can expect if you set your Pandora Internet dial to Woody Moran.

Click Five, Lifehouse, Dave Matthews Band (lots), The Fray, Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder (lots of Pearl Jam & Eddie),The Calling, Michelle Branch, Goo Goo Dolls, Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, Alice In Chains,  Ryan Cabrera (lots), Ray LaMontage, Lyle Lovett, Bill Withers, Van Morrison, Ray Charles, Ben Harper.

Seriously, this is such an awesome collection of wonderful music that I am humbled to just be part of the mix. I have been told several times that I sound like Ray LaMontage but I had never listened to his music. I love that Dave Matthews shows up so much, he has been such an influence on me.

So do yourself a favor and create a Woody Moran Station on Pandora Radio. You'll love it.

Sitting In Aztec Chairs Review in Music Connection Magazine 

The April 2016 issue of Music Connection Magazine has a review of Sitting In Aztec Chairs under their Unsigned Artist - New Music Reviews. Since Music Connection receives hundreds of submissions each week and they only chose 8-12 unsigned artists each month to review, it sorta feels like a pretty big deal just to get a review. Although focused on the Southern California music industry, they have become the industry "Bible" covering artists and events in other regions as well. I especially enjoyed this line of the Music Connection Magazine review. "Moran’s a relaxed, genial artist whose music conjures a kinder, gentler, friendlier world, one we can all experience, at least for a short while." Their comments confirmed that  Sitting In Aztec Chairs is the perfect Trop Rock album for your next trip to sunny climates and mojitos on the beach.

Read The Full Review

"Chasing Midnight" Wins The Akademia Music Awards Best Rock Song Award 

Cynthia Miller, Program Director for WCTR Radio Chicago, contacted me via Facebook with some very encouraging comments on my latest collection of songs from Sitting In Aztec Chairs. In particular she singled out "Chasing Midnight" and later in an email exchange suggested that I enter it in The Akademia Music Awards. She mentioned that WCTR had been receiving some of their best music through this channel and thought that "Chasing Midnight" was exceptional and could win an award and that award winners were forwarded on to radio stations around the country. So, I entered the song and it won in the category of Best Song Rock/R&B. How cool is that?

Woody Moran Television Concert 

Television Concert on CCTV Salem from January 2016. All of the songs from Sitting In Aztec Chairs plus a wonderful version of "Cowboy in Babylon" from the album A Brand New Situation. Jean-Pierre Garau on keyboard, Anders Bergstrom on drums, Michael Henchman bass and backing vocals, Kelly Brightwell backing vocals. Hope you like it.

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Radio Stranger Performs at Art In The Pearl

Pearl District, between W Davis and NW Flanders at NW 8th Avenue, Portland

Art In The Pearl has been named one of the best arts and crafts shows in the country. Both Kelly & Woody have performed individually at Art In The Pearl, but this will be the 2nd Radio Stranger performance on the Singer/Songwriter Stage. Over one hundred artists showing and selling their work. Singer/Songwriter Stage presents a variety of original music An Education Pavillion featuring hands-on art activities for children and adults Delicious food to enjoy